#WHYMUSIC / volume one

back in december, i created a project called #whymusic. the concept was the direct result of an article i had written about the power of music and why it plays such an integral role in not only my life and, of course, little city, but why music has played such an integral role in making me the person i am today. i really fell in love with the idea of having many different voices tell the story of their own connection with music through images and words – at the risk of over embellishing, i will only say that the responses i’ve received thus far have made me smile, laugh, think and most importantly, feel an intimate connection to the contributor, despite my real life relationship with them. that really is the goal of the project; to create a collective community through art, one that shares the same values as you and opens your eyes to values you didn’t even know you cherished.

i plan on releasing sets of images in intervals throughout the rest of the year, if the project continues on the road that it’s on. you’ll also be able to find a gallery of the images through the menu at the top of your screen. i’m so grateful to the people who have contributed heartfelt responses so far – you’re all amazing. so, without further ado, here are the first (lucky number) thirteen answers to #WHYMUSIC:

by tiga samuelson, NYC

by alex strickland (thegirlloves), montreal

by karolina lewczuk, chicago

by mitchie p bambonye, montreal

by mona zabet, toronto

by siobhan mckeown (shibby shitegiest) london

by esther benoit (dj e.steria), toronto

by greg desjardins (dj tuna), montreal

by erika yavor, montreal

by michael armstrong (M4CR0), montreal

by sarah lane, ottawa

by kyle o’grady, iqualuit

by claire kenway (claire), montreal

anyone and everyone is welcome to submit! that means YOU. you can email me your image at littlecitysoul@gmail.com, otherwise, if you prefer, you can instagram or tweet it – just be sure to mention me @littlecitybot and hashtag #whymusic so i know where to find it. now, get werkin!


2 thoughts on “#WHYMUSIC / volume one

  1. Music is my escape, it understands whatever mood I am in, and has the power to uplift me in a way that nothing else can. It can calm me down if I’m feeling overwhelmed and brings a smile to my face of specific memories associated with the song(s). It allows me to dance the night away and feel free, and helps me remember why I love to sing. Music brings me together; music brings people together.

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