#WHYMUSIC / volume two


the second volume of #whymusic submissions is finally here! i’ve had another overwhelming amount of responses – so many, in fact, that volume three is already almost complete. running this project has really taught me a lot about music, in a way that feels very surreal to me because i’m kind of in awe of just how much music has to offer. in the 2 weeks since my first #whymusic post, i’ve had some very deep, new connections with people on a musical level. i’ve witnessed the celebration of music, stomping it out at igloofest. music has helped heal my soul this week, when things got harder than they’ve been in a long time (this shlohmo remix in particular. true words). i’ve found a ton of new artists (like berlin producer butterclock and leeds-based quartet atlas) rediscovered old favourites through new releases (like bonobo’s new track cirrus). i received some very warm messages from the music community about a review i wrote for the bpm festival that got shared on twitter. what has music done for you lately?

for those who don’t know the #whymusic project was inspired by an article i published in december about the power of music. the goal of the project is to understand the real life effects of music through art and explore what music means to every individual. readers are invited to produce their own response to the question “why music?” (interpreted in any way you like, and any medium you like) and send them to me via email (littlecitysoul@gmail.com) to be featured on little city. if you prefer, you can instagram or tweet your photo instead, but be sure to tag me @littlecitybot and hashtag #whymusic so i know where to find you.

each volume features only ten submissions, so if you don’t see yours this week, check back on the next volume. you can also find all the responses from every volume in the #whymusic gallery, or check out the first volume in its own post. get inspired!

by charlie brown (nolan brown), NYC

by alicia hovinga (alicia hush), montreal

by rey castonguay, toronto

by jasmin abbasi, toronto

by meriza bryden, ottawa

by jenna lane, halifax


by kelly bean, montreal

by valerie guertin, montreal

by brian gnarlington, montreal

by logan hollow, montreal

**top photo by tiga samuelson**


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