music monday: james blake

james blake

it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything quite so sublimely beautiful from london-native james blake. his last few releases – his self-titled LP in particular – were a touch on the watery side since his stunning first EP, the bells sketch, which dropped in 2010.

i was introduced to blake’s soulful RnB-tinged productions last year (around the time that i first started little city), through one of my best friends and go-to source for good music, charlie (of nolan brown fame). we share a mutual love of music (see her #whymusic contribution as evidence), especially that of the deep, sexy, soulful variety and it’s thanks to her that i fell in love with james blake. you can also find a little james blake goodie in her speaker sessions mix.

james blake2

blake’s new track, retrograde, is the first preview of his forthcoming new album, overgrown (set for release in early april 2013 under republic records), and brings back all the sultry goodness of some of his early work. needless to say, i think we all missed this guy’s voice – retrograde oozes all that familiar sensuality, with those vocals enveloping chill-inducing claps and a devastatingly sexy beat.

the video is directed by longtime blake cohort martin de thurah. it’s a futuristic, apocalyptic space odyssey, and it’s a total mind fuck. in a good way. check it out! what are your thoughts?


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