music monday: ms mr

prepare to embrace the cheese with this one, guys. this week’s music monday comes from a new york-based duo called ms mr – so far i’m unsure of how exactly the moniker is pronounced (miss mister? m-s-m-r?) but what i am sure of is that their single, bones is the perfect balance of cheesey goodness and dark, trashy electronica.


ms mr is made up of neon gold‘s lizzy plapinger and max hershenow, who garnered attention from a steady presence on tumblr over the last couple years. the release of their first full EP, candy bar creep show (great name) likewise came via tumblr and the two have earned a cult following for their trashy, somewhat morbid album art and overall dark sound. their tumblr is a black hole of bloody, perfectly manicured hands, lipstick coffins and scattered pills spread across pastel-hued rainbow-esque psychedelic backgrounds, so it’s no wonder that the project has piqued so much interest.


but the project really sparked when the (fucking incredible) trailer for game of thrones season three (which starts up again on march 31st, mark your calendars!) debuted to a predictably overwhelming viral popularity, soundtracked by the above number, bones. plapinger’s gritty vocals are beautifully at home within the grinding melodies and percussion, spewing a chaotic soliloquy about death, souls and typical angsty teenage heartbreak executed within a resonatingly dark soundscape. somehow it all comes together. that or i love game of thrones too much.


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