winter photo diary


by naming this photo diary “winter,” i would like to declare snowpocalypse 2013 officially over. hopefully. although, i’ve most likely jinxed montreal into an everlasting winter – but things are beginning to look up around here. finally some sunshine after many months of grey skies, tundra-like winds and approximately 12 feet of snow. i actually had to shovel my way into my house, and let me tell you. i did not sign up for shoveling.

it’s been a hard couple months in every sense of the word, but the new year brought big changes and the prospect of summer is keeping my spirits up. i had a solid couple adventures this winter, which, along with drinking and hibernation, is pretty much the only thing that stops me from going completely bat shit insane during these dreary months (dark when i wake up, dark when i leave the office). so, read on to see what i got up to (i know you’re all mega interested, so try to contain yourselves)..

adventures in falafel making resulted in me making hummus. twice. i threw a tantrum. i finally succeeded though, after i had calmed down enough to realize i could mash chickpeas with a potato masher instead of a blender.

alpine life! trip to mont sutton in quebec with my homies from the CSSC

this was the light at the end of the tunnel for me this winter. headed to the BPM festival with some of my best friends! read my festival review here!

the best part of a day on the slopes – kickin’ it with friends, and beer. pear beer was a delightful new discovery.

came home from mexico to find this little guy perched on my doorstep. fitting.

memories from BPM – me and my main girl, miss charlie brown (aka nolan brown) at tINI & the gang

paradise at BPM

the newest addition to little city HQ <3

another festival highlight – zip lining into this cenote, in the middle of the jungle.

exploring the new anthropologie store in montreal

lunch with my dad in toronto…he didn’t get my mulan references.

wise words from one of my favourite boutiques in montreal, editorial.

more adventures in falafel making. this was before i threw my blender at the wall.

an anti-valentine’s day surprise from my best girl, esther (aka dj e.steria)

more anthropologie

perfect way to spend a winter evening….flying solo to see godspell at the centaur theater. truly an incredible, incredible show.

shreddin stowe with the guys!

new year, new emma! i chopped my hair off and i fkn love it!

my friends and i were lucky enough to attend the vernissage for en masse founder jason botkin’s solo show, ALL KIN. stunning work! you can check out my interview with jason here

finally, a new little lens photo essay. some gorgeous shots of montreal, taken by my friend karolina lev with a holga toy camera. check out the rest here!

proud moments. i work on contract with a catering company, and for quebec’s annual dancing with the stars charity event, we all had our make up done like kiss. unfortunately, i got stuck with the two non-make up artists who painted a reject star on my face and then covered it with sparkles. still fun though.

lasagna making factory! i need to learn to make smaller portions..i was eating lasagna for a week, and still have some leftover in my freezer.


as part of my no spending contest with a friend, i pretty much used up every speck of food in my house. it yielded some pretty sweet results though…orzo salad with lemon, spinach and parm.

a relic from mexico! a tiny sugar skull that i had to fight to get. and by that i mean, do shots of tequila with a vendor, put on a wrestling mask and take obscene photos with him. i kept it straight up classy in mexico.

tobogganing with the kids at stowe! obviously.

magic in the old port

probably the most exciting development of 2013 to date, the launch of the little city #whymusic project. this is one of my favourites from tiga samuelson.

another favourite from the #whymusic project from charlie brown


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