#WHYMUSIC / volume three

for once, i don’t have a lot to say. it’s been an extremely difficult and humbling couple of weeks for me. a lot of the things i thought about myself, and my life, are becoming very different from what i knew and, in answer to the ubiquitous question of “why music,” my response this week is that music has been the only thing that’s kept me from losing all sense of self. music keeps me inspired, and keeps my head above water. what has music done for you lately?

for those who don’t know by now, the little city #WHYMUSIC project is the result of an article i published last year about the power of music. since, i’ve asked friends and strangers alike to send in their own creative responses to the question “why music?” to be shared with the little city community. you can check out the full gallery of #whymusic submissions here. everyone is welcome to submit – you can either email me your submission at littlecitysoul@gmail.com, or instagram your response (just be sure to tag me @littlecitybot and hashtag #whymusic, so i know where to find you)

by emily skahan (motel raphael), montreal

by garen jemian (jemian), montreal

by aiden parker, toronto

by the studiofeed team, toronto

by jessica sammut, montreal

by sadi muktadir, toronto

by lori seguin, montreal

by jake goldsbie, toronto

by ani anca, new york

by scott simpson (i’m your boom box), montreal


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