music monday: carling ruse


it’s so refreshing to find a female voice in this very on-trend lovetrap meets post-R&B electronic music, especially one as sweet and melodic as newcomer carling ruse. i discovered miss ruse through that bizarre web of networks within soundcloud – it was actually tel aviv-based producer/remixer yarin lidor that pointed me in her direction with his mix for SSENSE, which includes her remix of de$ignated and kyiki’s valentine. the joys of the interwebz.

carla villescaz is a california-native, producer and adept remixer who recently teamed up with hip-hop producer ta-ku, under his label sunday records. now based out of virgina, she grew up in a musical household to a jazz drummer father who she’s said is her biggest inspiration (nice). not much is known about ruse, as she’s relatively new to the scene, but the rising star has garnered support from industry heavyweights like ruddyp (her boyfriend, whom she met on soundcloud) (discolove), ta-ku, sweater beats, andrea and bear//face. things are definitely looking good for this chick. her sound is, for lack of a better word, decidedly sexy in its breathy atmospheres and snaking basslines and smooth vocals oft-ripped from old school destiny’s child songs.


stay tuned people, carling ruse is definitely one you want to keep your eye on.


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