LC011 / dvdos

the eleventh little city podcast marks our second international speaker sessions mix, all the way from mexico, courtesy of min tech duo DVDOS. recognize the name? DVDOS, also known as elRojo and daniel dominguez, were the party force behind the amazing family tree cenote party at the BPM festival back in january, and i am beyond excited to be exclusively hosting a stream of their recent gig at the reina roja hotel in playa del carmen.

pronounced di-vi-di-dos (as in ‘divided’), the DVDOS moniker formed when since santiago founded brooklyn/NYC collective, MNMLKTCHN in 2009, and the two began working together not long after. having grown up all over north and south america, their sound is equally international, and it’s clear they’ve been working hard to build both a progressive music community and an even more forward-thinking sound. funk-infused high-energy beats, cut through with often strange vocals, classic techno basslines and traditional housey percussion. a modern take on tech that has me aching to be back in playa.


their set at the family tree cenote party was one of the absolute stand-out highlights of the BPM festival – at times hypnotic and unhurried, while at others vibrant and upbeat, their set overflowed with all the soul that clearly went into its creation. the ear-to-ear smiles on their faces throughout was pretty well proof of how much everyone was loving their sound, and of how much they loved playing it. they dropped laid back’s white horse just after sunrise, and needless to say, it was a pretty unforgettable moment.

DVDOS’ set for little city speaks to that funky but unexpected quality. a fusion of new york and playa that incorporates subtle vocal samples, and a bit of cosmic frequency as well, as round highs take on an almost spaced-out sound near the start. their set moves into more classic, bumpin techno but continues to pull in all kinds of surprising but welcome elements.

“this mix is the last part of an extended set that we recorded at la reina roja in playa del carmen mexico…this is the last part of the set, in which we get a bit housier with our own flava!” – DVDOS

their brooklyn/NYC music imprint, MNMLKTCHN, is a collective that i really respect. fresh for 2013, MNMLKTCHN will be holding residency at MINT in tulum, where their event CAMINO will go down every second saturday of the month. steps away from the second largest coral reef in the world – if you are lucky enough to live in tulum, i definitely suggest checking it out. sure to be a banger.

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