music monday: emily skahan

this post was supposed to go up yesterday but, unfortunate and irresponsible as i am, st paddy’s day weekend got the better of me again (for the 6th year in a row) and yesterday became a complete write off.

i’m so happy to be sharing this one though, because it comes from a dear dear friend, and one of the most talented musicians i know, emily skahan.

busker extraordinaire, you can catch her on street corners or in metro stations singing her beautiful little heart out (once she serenaded me with an acoustic version of robyn’s call your girlfriend in st laurent metro). but you probably know her as 1/7th of montreal folk band motel raphael (so often featured on little city that they’re starting to think i’m a stalker) – i’m easily their biggest fan, in a completely creepy way and i’m not even ashamed of it. you might remember a little feature i wrote in december about my experience being an extra in their video for ghosts (which you can watch here). motel raphael has also recently been representing montreal in CBC’s searchlight competition and they just made the top 16!! you can vote for them here, and i definitely recommend you do it!


baby eyes is the first release from emily’s debut solo LP. emily wrote it in september, when her dog passed away – emotions all wrapped up in emotions that ooze out of every lyric and every chord of this song. i’ve had it on repeat for weeks. magic.

don’t forget to keep an eye out for emily’s next releases, and for my review of motel raphael’s show at indie montreal! happy fake monday!

follow emily // facebook // twitter

follow motel raphael // facebook // twitter


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