music monday: alunageorge x andrea

i’m pretty in to alunageorge these days. the london-based electronic duo lean a little on the pop side, which probably explains why their electronica meets R&B sound is so unsettlingly addictive. attracting flies is easily their biggest hit, which would typically rank it lower in my list of favourites (that was the most hipster thing i’ve ever written. although true, and for good reason) but this andrea bootleg is completely guilt-free.


alunageorge is made up of vocalist aluna francis, and producer george reid – their collaboration with disclosure, white noise made it to the top forty in february, and has pretty much solidified the pair as unstoppable. the duo formed in 2009 and has been a steady, albeit relatively lesser known presence within the industry, but their recent singles your drums, your love, and of course, attracting flies, have skyrocketed them to the top of the pile. sugar sweet vocals and bouncy electric beats.


andrea, on the other hand, represents all that post-something sound that seems to be steadily taking over, for me, anyway. andrea moonchild is a french producer, famous for soulful R&B-tinged goodness that is a dead match for alunageorge’s original – the combination pulls attracting flies back to a more unique place. swinging synth and round basslines plus pitched down versions of aluna’s vocals…even sweeter than the original.

happy monday ninjas! x


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