#WHYMUSIC / volume four

i have to say, it’s been an unreal experience watching this project grow, and seeing and hearing the way that people respond to it (take, for instance, some beautiful words written by the amazing people at bloody underrated). it actually dawned on me about a week ago that i’ve yet to actually submit something myself (cue stone throwing and city-wide rebellion) – i’ve been so busy experiencing the project from behind-the-scenes, that i haven’t been able to articulate my thoughts in a single image, like i’ve asked so many of you to do. i try to include a little answer of my own in each volume, but i suspect it’s high time that i submit something myself. so, you’ll find my very own submission within this week’s responses, and within every forthcoming volume. the lyrics i chose to represent my answer to #whymusic were the first thought that came to mind. they seem to express some deep powerful something about the way i feel when i listen to music, so i went with it. that’s really what this is all about, isn’t it?

in the past couple weeks, music has reminded me of who i am and where i’m going. i think i might say that every week but truly, i find so much solace in lyrics and melodies…music has this strange way of giving me advice or helping me make decisions or understand the decisions i’ve taken. to the point that sometimes, i trust music more than i trust myself.

i hope you guys love this week’s submissions as much as i do – i think maybe volume four has been my favourite to date! lastly, i just want to take a quick second to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work that’s gone into this project, and to ask that, if you believe in this project, please do your best to spread the word. this is something that is very close to my heart, and i’m doing everything i can to ensure it stays alive, but i can’t do it without your help. get inspired and submit something of your own! what has music done for you lately?

don’t forget, you can submit at littlecitysoul@gmail.com! you can also tweet or instagram me your submission @littlecitybot, just remember to hashtag #whymusic so i know where to find you.

erica by erica fisher, fort st john

whymusic_littlecitybot by me

mani zeina by zeina medhat and mani chanmany (brain & booty), montreal

gabby by gabriella wilson, montreal

danny trnscndnt by danny (trnscndntsounds), wisconsin

nathanbarato by nathan barato, toronto

todd by todd beauchamp, montreal

nick by nick liboiron, montreal

brooke by brooke herrington + words

danidrops by danielle bakhazi (dani drops), montreal


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