LC012 / esteban de haro


i’m so overjoyed at presenting the twelfth edition of the little city speaker sessions featuring the one and only esteban de haro. a former montrealer now based out of san miguel de allende, esteban’s musical charisma has been so missed here in montreal – it’s beyond a pleasure to be bringing you his exclusive mix. some sunshine for you all the way from mexico!

esteban’s first foray into DJing came in 2005, and since, he has become an integral part of the underground music scene in montreal through not only his skills behind the decks, but his involvement in the iconic en espagnol music collective. known for their projection of unique, interesting, and forward-thinking sounds, en espagnol is legendary in this city – and it doesn’t hurt that their parties are absolutely killer. if you’ve ever stepped foot in the basement, you know exactly what i’m talking about. vibes for days (literally).


it’s no surprise then, that in addition to his ineffable party presence, esteban’s take on house and techno is gravely missed in this city. the dancefloor misses esteban in more ways than one, as does the music scene that he has helped build. his sound is unmistakable in its energy and vibrations that seem to resonate from esteban himself. much like the artists and DJs that en espagnol has hosted at one of its many events – zaid edghaim, and little city regulars alicia hush, daoust, billy dalessandro, and zeina, to name a few – esteban’s sound is rooted in quirk; peculiarities that will always put a smile on your face. and, in true montrealer form, just when you think you’ve gotten his music all figured out, he’ll drop something dark or twisty. wizardry!

his mix for little city opens with a deep tech offering from london’s ittetsu, building with some personal favourites from doubtingthomas, toronto’s chris larsen and a banger from my main girl, tINI. keep an ear out for a goodie from montreal duo yes ma’am as well (and stay tuned for their forthcoming speaker session, too!)

“for this mix i played tracks from my favorite producers and labels, i tried to express a deep and smoothy sound that can fit anytime anywhere” – esteban de haro

if you’re lucky enough to in sunny mexico right now, you can catch esteban this sunday the sky lounge in san miguel de allende, as well as at cream sound fest in april. happy listening!

follow esteban de haro // soundcloud


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