music monday / maya malkin


if i had to describe maya malkin to you, i would say she’s “sugar personified.” easily the sweetest girl i’ve ever met, that description holds true for her folk-pop music. you might recognize the name as one seventh of the montreal indie-folk band, motel raphael, but maya is a star in her own right as well. it’s with much sunshine that i present to you her debut solo release, a stunning four-track EP called simon.

not too long ago, maya released the promo video for simon (scroll down down down to watch) and i was just taken with it. watch it and try not to be. such is the way with a voice and a personality like maya’s – she is all sunshine and sweetness, and like i said, her music, especially simon, is no different. don’t get me wrong, the girl has an edge, but her music overflows with the colourful pop sound that resonates within motel raphael’s music as well. with motel, it’s not hard to pinpoint which songs were maya’s contributions (rooftop of romolo’s anyone?)…and it’s so refreshing to hear songs that are, for once, not about heartbreak or darkness.

when maya sent me her EP, i already knew what song would be my favourite. the grand escape, a cheerful number with backup vocals from shane adamczek, and bandmates dane stewart, emily skahan, and livia morris, had been stuck in my head for weeks. i found myself humming the “oh-oh-oh-ohhh” ..completely infectious. the EP’s title track, at the station simon is more subtle, but the breathless pace of the song is a spot-on representation of that moment before you see that “person.” makes me wonder who simon is.


true to form, the EP retains its smile with two more tracks, shit out of luck and timeline. shit out of luck has more of a pop feel than the rest of the songs which are more folksy. of all the songs, shit out of luck reflects motel raphael the most in those staccato-like verses. maya’s throaty vocals are pure magic throughout.

you can buy maya’s EP for only five dolla (holla!) on bandcamp, or listen to the full four tracks over on soundcloud!

follow maya // soundcloud // twitter // facebook // bandcamp


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