little lens 004 / murad osmann

bali rice fieldsbali rice fields

the fourth in the the little lens photo essay series is a little different, but something i find equally interesting as the previous participants in this project (which you can see right here, kids!) i actually came across russian photographer murad osmann‘s photos on buzzfeed (ah, buzzfeed. the source of so much procrastination and entertainment) when i glimpsed an article called “follow me to…” it’s hard not to smile at murad’s photos, which showcase his adventures travelling the globe, with his girlfriend, nataly zakharova, leading the way. i got in touch with murad to find out the story behind his photographs.

ravelloravello, italy

hongkong2hong kong

heavily filtered and highly contrasted, his photos are so striking – and it doesn’t hurt that nataly is a total babe, either. murad is a photographer based out of moscow, a job that requires a ton of travelling (lucky!) so, as murad told me, the “follow me to” project came about quite naturally. ever since the first photo, nataly and murad have continued the project while travelling around the world for murad’s various shoots.

bradenburg gatebradenburg gate, berlin

“the first photo happened in barcelona while we were on vacation. my girlfriend was a bit annoyed that i was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward. that said, it didn’t stop me from doing photos while she was pulling me!”


i think the most remarkable thing about murad’s photos is how relatable they are. regardless of if you’ve ever been to the landmark in the photo, we all know the feeling of pulling our companion along, or of being pulled along by our companion. from either pesrpective, the desire to experience (whether it be stopping to admire or forging relentlessly on) is incredibly present.

anybis guardswith the anybis guards, greece

“it might seem like i have a lot free time, but actually we only travel for 3-4 days abroad due to my being always busy at work. the photos were initially taken with my iphone and corrected in camera+ app. now i’m using any kind of photo equipment that i have with me at that moment, but i try to do less retouching than i did before”


there’s very much an in-the-moment concept to the photography, and i think it creates a very special theme, and a very unique way of remembering your adventure. that being said i think the photos are incredibly “current” in a way that isn’t entirely appreciated by everyone – murad’s project would (and has) inevitably “top the morning links” or go viral on instagram, which might creates some mixed responses from the anti-insta crowd. but their currentness makes them accessible, and unpretentious, and i think that’s really fantastic.

alhambra, granadaalhambra granada, spain


for the complete collection of murad’s follow me photographs, visit him on instagram. you can find his girlfriend nataly on insta as well.


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