LC013 / yes ma’am


turn it up kids, this is gonna be a good one. when two of toronto’s best DJs got together to form the live min tech project yes ma’am, they had everyone on the edge of their seats. not for long though, because when alicia hush and ana+one get together, you just can’t help but get up and get your booty shakin’. i’m so beyond excited to be presenting the thirteenth edition of the little city speaker sessions, courtesy of yes ma’am.

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

i first fell in love with alicia’s music a couple years ago after hearing her spin at comfort zone in toronto. after discovering hushlamb, the label she founded with fellow torontonian and unstoppable dancing machine sarah lamb, i was hooked. through hushlamb’s forward-thinking curation of minimal and techno, i was introduced to the equally talented ana+one (pronounced anatone). hushlamb has long been a source of inspiration, not to mention a constant supplier of wall-shaking, stomp-worthy music.

ontario-native jesse morrison blames a plastikman record and early raving experience for his adept love of electronic music (don’t we all?!) and it wasn’t long before he took to the decks himself. during a stint living in montreal in the early 2000s, jesse began DJing under the ana+one moniker, picking up on the micro house and minimal music that was quietly thriving in the city at the time. soon after, ana+one made transitioned to production while living in toronto, unleashing conceptual releases that blend house elements with quirky minimal and pulsating techno in an unstoppable way. represented by both the hushlamb fam, and our friends over at siteholder records, ana+one is now based out of montreal and is continuing to produce his signature energetic beats (be sure to check out my personal favourites, sudoku lamb and do you respect wood)


long based out of toronto, alicia hovinga has likewise been integral to the growth of the city’s music scene. after co-founding hushlamb in toronto, alicia has helped bring directional music to the masses through not only her representation of artists like dualism, matt and mark thibideau, billy dalessandro, zaid edghaim, and zeina, but her own version of bouncy minimal. now based out of montreal, she has exploded onto the scene in full force, playing at the likes of blackbox, mini malice, mutek, circus afterhours, and more recently, stereo, where she opened for martin buttrich.

like i said, when alicia and jesse announced their debut as yes ma’am, it was one of those moments we had all been hoping for. while individually, their sounds are killer, together, they’re absolute fire. a live music project, their sets re-conceptualize big room sound – the same quirky, bleepy elements remain present amidst wonky basslines, freaky samplings, and often uninhibitedly ghetto beats. all the while infused with that funk we love in their solo projects. in short…musical charisma.

yes ma’am’s mix for little city, which they described as ‘big booty in little city’ (could i love that any more?!), opens with daft punk’s teachers – so you just know it’s gonna be dope. pulling in numbers from the likes of mr. de’, jimmy jones, demarkus, daniel bell, and la rocko tee’s banger big booty bitch (fitting). keep your ears open for a very special little city drop around the twenty minute mark that made my heart smile!


“yes ma’am is a live music project (not DJ) and so we wanted to have fun with this podcast and put together older tracks that have really made us shake our asses over the years. High BPM, silly, cheeky lyrics and banging beats! this is our homage to big booty madness! we love this stuff!” – yes ma’am

their debut EP, sluice box dropped on doma musique not too long ago (so so fresh) (check it here), and has us all geared up for their next releases. a remix for siteholder is forthcoming, while a highly anticipated second EP under grow vinyl simply cannot arrive fast enough. you can also check out them out at CCCLTD.CA session in quebec city at the end of the month, and again this summmer at mutek montreal!

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2 thoughts on “LC013 / yes ma’am

  1. I was like WTF really, then I got into a frantic lol session. That’s when I thought “ok, that’s weird” and I immediately freaked out and yelled YEAH! Ahum? is that how it is??? Clearly, that’s what she said… Right, too much is never enough ;) You guys just throw me over the edge! that is all

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