music monday / bear//face

this is going to be a short one, because i have approximately two minutes until my deadline and for some reason this seemed way more important. but guys, i have some terrible news. i had this post planned out, even penciled in on my calendar, and i was thinking to myself, “monday will be perfect timing. right after the bear//face concert, and a week before the james blake show.” little did i know that universe was out to ruin my life, because the bear missed his flight on saturday and his set was cancelled! i think i actually shed a tear. or maybe that was vodka seeping out of my pores.


“not to worry,” i told myself sunday evening. “tomorrow you can post it and it will all be okay because the james blake show is on the 6th, and it’s a great precursor” wrong again! the james blake concert got cancelled as well (literally half an hour after i bought my ticket) – supposedly it’s postponed until the fall, thinking that james blake was probably drinking with bear//face and now they’ve both too whiskey//hungover to spend time in montreal. what?!

so, it’s with much sadness but mostly completely unadulterated all-encompassing terrifying fan girl love…that i post this beautiful number from two of my favourite producers at the moment: bear//face and james blake. i think i passed out for a hot minute when i found out this remix was a real thing. it is literally the best. i don’t even have anything else to say other than it is the best, and shut up, and listen to it. just try to tell me that’s not the realest?!

happy monday! x


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