music monday / dirty gold

i actually had a little something different planned for today (a track from a certain dominik eulberg mix i’ve had on repeat for like 3 and a half weeks), but on the metro on my way to work this morning, i had my ipod on shuffle, and a remix of the above gem came on.

the remix (which is no longer available on soundcloud, unfortunately) was by a german producer called hannes fischer – so sad because it was actually brilliant. hannes fischer is a unique brand of german house/deep house…i like him because there’s a 16 year old girl in me that absolutely digs pop house. exhibit A being this incredibly sparkley lana del rey rework. regardless, the remix in question was one of my favourite tracks a couple summers ago – reminds me so much of jammin’ with my roommate/best friend/partner in crime on our rooftop in downtown montreal. drinking sangria, carrying couches onto the roof, people watching, tanning, spying on our neighbours, hackin’ darts. one of the best summers i’ve had to date, we used to get drunk and couch dance to this number like it was our job.


the original is equally dope, but the tempo takes it down to a more chilled out vibe. it’s the mary jane of music. dirty gold is a chillwave/experimental afrobeat band from san diego (where else?) – they also run autumntone records (which is dope, in case there was any ever uncertainty of that). their sound is fittingly “beach-wave” (so many puns, my mind is about to explode), and this number in particular is the embodiment of summer mornings-after. just in time for the sunshine here in montreal!

happy monday! x


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