spring photo diary


i use the term ‘spring’ lightly…because it hasn’t been so much ‘spring’ as it has been ‘a completely irritating continuation of winter interspersed with like 4 minutes of sunshine and one day of actual springtime.’ sometimes montreal is the worst. although mostly the best because did everyone totally have the best weekend? it was the first tams of the season – for those of you that don’t know what tam tams is..well, get in the know – and the sun was shining, birds were chirping, hippies were bongo-ing, larpers were larping. i even met a real life pirate and drank cognac out of his flask that was made from a real horn. if all of this sounds really foreign to you, i encourage you to bring a blanket, some beer, and some good friends and head to the mountain next sunday.

so, with the sunshine of springtime inspiring me, here is what i’ve been up to for the last couple weeks. it has been a very interesting couple months, and for some reason, equally as stressful as the last time i wrote a post like this. i wonder when my life will not be stressful. probably never, which doesn’t bode well for my drinking habits. i have had a couple really amazing adventures the past little while, and of course, have to share them with you, my devoted readers. all five of you.


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