music monday / yarin lidor

over the past couple months, i’ve become so into this whole post-R&B lovetrap movement. well, you know, you’ve read my posts (probably not but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend). i blame my job – the magazine that i write for runs a mix series that has completely changed my opinion of all things hip-hop. even though, granted, lovetrap and post-R&B hang on to hip-hop by tiny threads, it’s an astronomical change for me (a self-professed hip-hop hater).


although i can’t entirely put the blame on tel aviv-based producer yarin lidor, his mix for SSENSE did point me in that direction. his remixes of jeremih’s birthday sex, and rui da silva have been on lock for weeks, so you can imagine my glee at opening soundcloud this morning to discover his new bootleg of alicia keys’ fallin. alicia keys guys! girl could werk a cornrow, let me tell you.

lidor got his start throwing parties (as one does) in tel aviv, before beginning to release his own work independently on soundcloud. and oh i am so glad he did. love this tune, starting now.

happy monday :)


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