summer 2013


summer is finally on its way! every year, i make a list of events, shows, festivals and general awesome things i want to do – because i am a huge hopeless nerd and i love lists – so i thought this year i would share it with you bots! i’m hoping to see how many festivals i can knock out in one summer, because ever since the bpm festival in january, i’ve been hopelessly romanticizing the festival scene. montreal is unquestionably the city of festivals in the summer (so much so that concordia offers a course on festival culture) (yes i took it), so there’s plenty to look forward to. here we go!



MAY //

– tam tams (on-going)
piknic electronik (on-going)
mutek montreal
– mondiale de la biere/beerfest


– international des feux/fireworks
– fringe fest
– muralfest 2013
– montreal folk fest on the canal
– grand prix F1 weekend
– montreal international jazz fest


– canada day in ottawa
– digital dreams festival toronto
– ottawa bluesfest
sound in motion toronto
– les weekends du monde
– fantasia film festival
– montreal electronic groove
– divers/cite + pride


– osheaga festival musique et arts
– under pressure graffiti festival

ETC.  //
– new ink from gabriella wilson
– super aqua club (because i am 5)
– the beach somewhere?

yessss this is shaping up to be a good lookin’ summer! and don’t worry, for those of you poor souls that don’t live in montreal, or who can’t make it to the above events, i’ll be providing coverage on almost every event on my list, so stay tuned! what’s on your to do list?


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