music monday / gin wigmore

i went to get my hair cut last week, and my fabulous hairdresser started playing some badass folk-rock chick called gin wigmore. i was so into it. so much so, that i spent 2 days last week listening to her non stop, read her wiki page, and pencilled her in for this week’s music monday.

gin wigmore is a new zealand-native singer/songwriter, who got her start writing and playing music when she was 14. two years later, her father died of cancer, and she stopped creating music – that is, until, her sister submitted a song she had written in her father’s memory – called hallelujah – to the US international songwriting competition in 2004, along with another number she had previously written called angelfire. hallelujah swept the contest (gin was the youngest competitor to do so in the history of the competition) – and rightly so. these are some of the most soul crushingly beautiful lyrics…so real. her career took off from there! her debut EP, extended play (hah), was followed by the highly acclaimed holy smoke in 2009, and 2011’s gravel & wine.


her voice is throaty, deep, and at times macy gray-ish, but not in the way that makes you want to die inside. she reminds me a lot of amy winehouse in her vocals, all grit and darkness projected through songs that teeter between soul, folk, indie and some kind of heart breakingly perfect spirit. honestly, she’s magical.

apparently she’s gotten pretty famous because of some ebay commercials, but i don’t have a TV so i’m just gonna pretend that’s not true. i’ve included hallelujah here because i think it’s genuinely such a beautiful song, but i really encourage you to look into her discography.

happy monday kids! x


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