DEMF 2013 / artists to see

Movement Detroit
photo via dialogue incorporated

i’ve been waiting for this weekend for months now. after a ton of back and forth, more planning and organizing than i’ve ever done in my life, a couple solid favours, money saving, and a bit of luck, i’ve made it happen. my bags are overpacked, and i’ll finally be on my way to the detroit electronic music festival (DEMF) (or movement, for you weirdos). although i’m a bit disappointed that my partner in crime miss nolan brown won’t be joining me, i’m actually pretty excited to be flying relatively solo for the weekend. i’ll be covering the festival for beatport (which i write for, for those of you psychos who haven’t been paying attention) and am planning on hitting a ton of daytime events, and six different afterparties in only 4 days. sometimes i can’t believe this is really my life.

here’s who i’m excited to see…

nina kraviz /

you know i love chick DJs, and nina kills it every time. EVERY time. ghetto kraviz is my anthem. i can think of few more amazing moments in my exceedingly dancefloor-centered life than shakin a foot to this girl at piknic, and igloofest. a couple weeks ago, mark henning played ghetto kraviz at stereo, and i think i died a little.

nicole moudaber /

of course, another lady. her recent LP (above), believe has been killing it, though, so the spot is well deserved. surprisingly, in all my time in montreal, and throughout the many electronic music festivals i’ve attended of late, i’ve actually never seen moudaber play. i know, i know. but, DEMF is a better time than any, and i’m stoked to be able to catch her both at her daytime set, and at the stacey pullen afterparty alongside our boy nathan barato. plus, her hair, because obviously.

ben sims /

techno techno techno techno. ben sims is a british producer/DJ, and although i’ve heard a lot about him, i’ve never really looked too far into his music, and i’ve never seen him play. i do love me some good UK machine funk techno so, his set is one i’m definitely gonna check out. ben sims seems to be the name on everyone’s lips, so here’s hoping he lives up to the hype.

chris liebing /

pretty much the king of techno – chris liebing is one of my ultimate DJ crushes. i’ve seen him play a couple times (including at igloo last year) but never in this kind of setting. he’ll be hosting the CLR official after party on saturday night, where you’ll find me most of the evening.

ellen allien /

aside from the fact that i think ellen allien is the dopest chick in german techno, i’m excited to hear her spin at a setting like DEMF. i think her latest album, LISm (above) is such a progressive and interesting fusion of classical and electronic sounds. she played igloofest this season, and her set definitely took on some chilly vibes. interested to see what she’ll bring to the table in the sunshine!

bill patrick /

part of tINI’s extended crew, bill patrick played a great set at the bpm festival in january. he’s playing at the beatport stage on sunday, which has a pretty interesting line up for that day, so it’s likely that i’ll spend some time there. bill patrick is mega talented, so i’m looking forward to hearing what he comes up with for the festival. also, i totally gave him a piece of gum at bpm.

guti /

guti, along with another favourite, martin buttrich, will be hosting the desolatismus movement pre-party on friday night. desolat is one of my favourite labels (in fact, i interview labelhead loco dice not too long ago – read it here) so needless to say, i’m stoked. doubly stoked that guti, a longstanding DJ crush and one of my most loved producers, will be playing! i’ve never seen him before either, so this should be a good one. his track jealous guy (above) is one of my top top emo house tracks! flying solo to this event, so if you’re headed that way, give me a shout!

drumcell /

drumcell is connected to some very amazing memories for me! a couple years ago, montreal imprints 13 percent, and noisefloor teamed up to throw a really killer event called 13th floor at espace reunion, where drumcell played a phenomenal set. excited to see him at DEMF on monday.

maceo plex /

sadly, the life & death after party sold out pretty fast – i’m one of the lucky few that managed to get my hands on a ticket. i’ve only seen maceo plex once, but am a huge fan of his (in fact, am listening to his essential mix as i type). it’s gonna be truly amazing to hear him play within such a stellar line up!

george fitzgerald /

another artist i’m not too familiar with – george fitzgerald leans a little to the housey side compared with the rest of this list, but from what i’ve heard from him, it’s pretty groovin and sure to be a hit dancefloor-wise. a tinge on the cheese side where vocals are concerned, but of course, i do love me some good cheese house every now and then!

magda /

not super familiar with magda either, but i’ve heard nothing but good things. when i wrote a piece about 10 female artists in electronic music, commenters went literally psycho that i hadn’t included her, so there’s that (also, shut up everyone, i said 10 artists, not the only artists). i figure that earns her a little look. a detroit-native, it should be cool to hear her spin in her hometown, especially at what is arguably the only time in an entire year that detroit isn’t a ghost town. also, she’s totally a babe, so there’s that too.

in case you haven’t caught on, the fact that i’ll be away this weekend means that unfortunately, little city will be on temporary hiatus until mid next week. hope you can survive without me! think of me though, cause i’ll be thinking of you! have a good weekend ninjas!


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