music monday / meeka kates

i don’t know about you guys, but i’ve had the best week. music is on my mind, kind of in that way that makes me seem totally psycho for talking about it non-stop, but i can’t help it because the past 7 days have been absolutely mind-blowing, music wise. in case you were wondering, DEMF was unreal (actually, you’re probably not wondering because i haven’t shut up about it since i got back), and it was followed up by MUTEK montreal, which was equally astounding. keep your eyes peeled for my review of both, forthcoming!

all this to preface my (late) music monday, which features an up-and-coming vocalist/producer, meeka kates. meeka is based out of philadelphia, and his sound is kind of like if damien rice started singing over atlas or a very breathy version of kastle. right? even though it leans closer to the pop side than i normally like to venture, something about meeka’s soft take on electronica really struck me.

i think he might be one to watch – his latest EP, junior, dropped not too long ago and it’s choc full of all the same subtle, pretty goodness you heard above. happy fake monday ninjas!


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