music monday / flume x disclosure

when i penciled this flume remix in for today’s post, it had literally just been released (6 days ago). since, it’s gotten over 800 000 plays.

this is a rework of english garage duo disclosure‘s track “you & me,” which features vocals from eliza doolittle – and while i do love me some disclosure, the original doesn’t do it for me. the vocals have this weird kind of disco vibe that battles the production, which, itself gets a bit fluffy – it’s a strange dichotomy.


australian producer of the moment, flume, pitched everything down a bit. there’s a more classical feel to it, some synthy string samples and some quivering highs, but the bass is kept down low (just the way we like it). he chops up the best parts of doolittle’s vocals and tacks them on in all the right places, it’s fucking magic. initially, when i was listening to the track on soundcloud, i was worried that it would open up but there’s a really beautiful reverse that takes it in exactly the direction i was hoping for. stunning.

happy monday ninjas! x


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