andrea / one sample one day

14 days ago, a french producer called andrea announced that every day for 30 days, he would be releasing a production derived from a sample sent to him by fans and friends. the project is aptly dubbed one sample one day, and has featured samples from the likes of sam smith, ashanti, telepopmusik, spazzkid, shadow child, deftones, and even brazilian baile funk music. basically, the project is pure gold, and i bet you’re all sitting there reading this, kicking yourselves for not thinking of it first.

“i was already making almost a beat a day since a couple of months now,” andrea explains when i ask him how he came up with the idea, “it’s really hard for me to make something and then wait ages for it to get released. i really needed to do something that had an impact, and that meant more than just another ableton project on my harddrive.” the project is more than just a means to an end, it’s an outlet for creativity that is vital to becoming a better artist – kind of like that ubiquitous tip to becoming a better writer (you know the one… “the number one rule to becoming a better writer is to write every day”) (it’s also super true, so there’s that). andrea agrees, telling me that “the first goal of the project is to make something creative every day – i’m trying to push myself in getting better at this, even though i’m not gonna radically change my sound from one production to the other…i want to bring something interesting every day.” it’s the little things that count.


the most interesting part of the project, is the variety of samples that are featured – and yes, each one is sent to him by a different listener. there’s been offerings from a ton of different genres, and since there’s just over 2 weeks left in the project, we are so excited to see what else andrea comes up with. when i ask who he’s dying to sample, the answer is immediate: “i’d love to sample some portishead, but i love this band so much that i wouldn’t even know what to do to make it better!” …how epic would an andrea x portishead track be? really, though.
it’s projects like andrea’s that really emphasize the importance of music – “music is about giving,” he explains of one sample one day. “i’ve only done a couple days of the project, but i feel like i’m someone new. having that kind of work flow makes you realize how important music is in your life – it’s the only thing i want to do, and the only thing that makes me feel real.” #whymusic, indeed.

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