logan hollow / wiggle room


in montreal, electronic music events are a dime a dozen. and for the most part, unfortunately, they exist for all the wrong reasons. $60+ cover, mandatory bottle purchase, laser shows, fist pumping, long line ups, no room to dance – these are the realities of most commercial electronic music gigs: it’s more about the idea of music, than about the music itself. enter logan hollow, who has created a monthly night dedicated to merging visual arts, movement, and music to create a new sense of community in the montreal nightlife.

a little taste of what you can expect at wiggle room, courtesy of logan hollow’s set from passeport this past april

logan hollow

wiggle room is not the first monthly event to take place at small downtown dance music venue, bar passeport – here at little city we’re loyal fans of passeport’s mini malice nights – but it’s the first of its kind; an event that seeks to “explore the space between emotion and intellect.” after studying music technology at mcgill, and a few years experience in the industry, logan was finally able to realize a fresh approach to a local residency. the idea, he says, came naturally: “i wanted to continue on the thread that i left off but have something more fiercely unique. something that other events don’t have.” the answer, of course, was the merging of audio and visual. a seemingly obvious combination that, in logan’s hands, has become something of a wonder. wiggle room represents “intimate events featuring conceptual, driven, experimental audio and visual art; music that inspires the mind and body to move in different ways,” logan explains.

e.steria putting in werk

well we love to get our wiggle on – in fact, the past month i’ve outdone myself where bootyshaken is concerned. it was with much anticipation that i awaited the inaugural wiggle room event – the line up did not disappoint, either. a double event that also served as a celebration of logan’s birthday, the debut of wiggle room would feature local hero alicia hush, and little city favourite, the ineffable e.steria, all the way from toronto. on the art side, part time street artist, part time painter, full time badass chick, miss jessie kravitz hit the canvas while the girls, and logan, took to the decks. “when i’m out at an event, i miss having visuals if they’re not there,” logan tells me of his idea to feature artists alongside DJs, “i really believe in jessie’s work, and i was so happy to have her there with esther and alicia.” jessie’s final piece was a mash up of different superheroes – an on-point nod to the fearless beats and intrepid groove oozing from the speakers: “the idea was really born out of a longing for sound atmospheres to fill the space, and to have them complement a visual experience – and vice versa. jessie painted in a space where she could hear the music, and we could see her from the DJ booth. it was a kind of silent conversation.”

jessie’s finished piece, which now hangs in logan’s studio

the most recent wiggle room took place at the end of june, and was a combined event with mini-malice, featuring residents daoust and hooll, logan hollow, and berlin min tech producer demas. the evening’s visuals were provided by graphic designer/photographer/artist extraordinaire, nania sergi, who painted live with bright colours on black card. wiggle room round two kept its intimate vibe, something that logan is keen on. “i don’t want it to get too much bigger but i want to see some growth. i value the intimacy of the night, and i think large crowds might take away from that,” he says, “the communication is more direct with a smaller crowd…there’s really an exchange happening”

demas hard at work

nania sergi

wiggle room is an outlet for artists and music lovers alike – not only is it a place to feel inspired, happy, and open enough to make connections on the dancefloor, but it’s a place for artists to make connections as well. “artists have many selves, and they manifest in different ways. wiggle room is an outlet for that.” needless to say, we’re so excited to see where logan hollow takes this event, and there’s no doubt that we’ll be out on the dancefloor wigglin’ every month.


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