#WHYMUSIC / volume five

there are two musical experiences i’d like to preface this next volume of #WHYMUSIC with. the first was a couple months ago (and i’m sure most of you know where this is going) and is, of course, the detroit electronic music festival that took place in hart plaza over the course of a weekend in may. in the short couple of years that i’ve been part of the electronic music community, i’ve boogied on more dancefloors than i can count. but i’ve never experienced anything like DEMF. i still get chills thinking back on the weekend. to quote a previous #WHYMUSIC entry, i don’t know what i’ll be listening to 20 years from now, but i can hope that whatever it is, it makes me feel the same way that i did that weekend in detroit.

the second experience was not too long ago, at bluesfest in ottawa. based on the staggering number of posts i make about electronic music, it might come as a surprise that my three favourite artists are actually not DJs. in fact, my favourite band in the world is a country girl group called the dixie chicks. what can i say? i grew up listening to these women, and their music will always, always hold a very important place in my heart. bluesfest was my second time seeing them live, and it’s probably not a shock to hear that i cried more times than i care to admit. certain numbers physically made my heart hurt from some sickeningly beautiful combination of happiness, emotion, and sheer unadulterated wonder. i guess the landslide brought me down.

this is the first #WHYMUSIC volume in a long time, and i’m not shy to say that it’s for lack of entries. i’ve been waiting to accumulate the required 10 to make this post, and it’s definitely been worth the wait. within this volume, you’ll find two of my own entries (entries that are the result of the above two experiences) amongst some other fantastic submissions from, quite literally, every corner of the world.

for those new readers (all three of you, probably) the #WHYMUSIC project began in 2012, and is an on-going collective project where people submit art-based responses to the question, why music? what has music done for you lately? send in your own response at littlecitysoul@gmail.com.


sair by sair casson, singapore

heritage by sarah lane, ottawa

etienne by etienne gour, montreal

whymusic-steve-d by steve diabo, toronto

cin by cindy levesque, melbourne


Why Music by chelsea blake willett, shenzhen

lo by laura goldenstein, san diego

kayla by kayla hallam, montreal


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