music monday / gangways


is everyone else feeling completely uninspired lately? because i am. this past weekend i had what was probably the most mediocre weekend of music i’ve ever experienced. which is saying a lot, considering the incredible musical energy in this city. other than daoust‘s open decks birthday jam at passeport on friday, i was entirely unimpressed with the other events i went to – robert babicz at stereo, and fairmont at piknic. needless to say, it didn’t do much to push me into getting my nose to the grindstone (or…you know, whatever). also i was sick yesterday so, yes, i’m aware it’s tuesday.

gangways is a london-based producer of the downtempo/leftfield variety. dude’s been around a while – his first release is marked 2001 on bandcamp – but i just recently discovered him through that soundcloud blackhole effect that happens sometimes in a way that is very often the worst ever but sometimes lets you discover gems like this one. i don’t know much (read: anything) about him, so if anyone has any tidbits to share, let a sister know!

the above track is super subtle, which i’m into. a very pretty reverse about halfway through that leads into some future-bassy percussive elements and a weird little snakey kazoo woodwind sound. it’s all very organic.

don’t worry friends, little city will be back up and running in no time, promise. i’m really gonnna stop slacking. or try to. whatever, don’t judge me.


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