sound in motion 2013 / review

sound in motion toronto: the little music festival that could. that phrase had been tossed around a lot pre-festival, but if there were ever a truer way to describe sound in motion, i don’t know it. SIM kicked it with the big kids this summer.

it’s been such a trip watching this festival grow. helmed by the crew over at studiofeed, sound in motion is well on its way (clearly i’m beaming with pride as i write this). i took a short trip down to toronto for the weekend’s festivities, armed with a bottle of whiskey, a magic cape, and my dancing shoes. although it was hard to narrow it down, here are my top five moments from sound in motion toronto.



oh man. this girl. i’m not even saying this out of completely biased love for her, but genuinely, montrealer stefny winter brought her fuckin game. coronation park was such a sweet little venue, and given stefny’s more conceptual minimal weirdo (good weirdo) style i’ve seen in past, i was ready for an intellectual set that would pair nicely with a beer (read: 8 beers) and a spot on the grass. no dice. all booties in the house were shaking. hints of stef’s favoured weirdness peeked through, but the set was dominated by groove. sweet, insatiable groove.

all good things.



i think if you asked daniel bell about his set at sound in motion, he would be like “man, it was dope, but there some chick dancing in my face like a psycho for the whole time.” yeah. i was that girl. i’m not even gonna pretend i’m ashamed because really, i had the best time. the black box theatre was a really unique venue. the only other place i could compare it to is st andrew’s hall in detroit – high ceilings, this big ornate stage. it was special and fit perfectly with bell’s absolutely killer techno-fueled set. so much techno. technoverload. this man is a legend, and i’m sitting here with my jaw on the floor just thinking about the fact i’ve been lucky enough to see him play twice.



oh man, mike shannon. i love this guy. when i heard him at the bpm festival, it was a definite highlight of the week, and his DJ set in the sun at the global village backpackers patio party was equally impressive. it didn’t hurt that the party was the weekend’s first music event, or that i had literally stepped off the bus from montreal and into the patio party only to be greeted by old friends, new friends, friends from across the pond, networking contacts, and one of my best friends in the world (popular). mike shannon’s set gave the afternoon’s sunshine a run for its money – bright, beaming, and warm, it was just the right way to kick off the festival. there was approximately 8 minutes of cheering when he finally (reluctantly) ended his set just as the sun was setting. perfection.



i’ve been waiting a long time to see akufen. it’s been months that every so often, akufen’s name has been creeping into conversations. and after what had been a long day of sweating like it was my job, and also complaining about sweating like it was my job, i wasn’t sure how much energy i’d be able to muster for his set, the second to last set at the coronation park day party. his set was fire. min tech goodness spread through with that house-tinged flavour that akufen seems to have locked down. the day had cooled off but the heat was nowhere near stopping.



okay, i have to preface this by saying that i was at lunch with my sister and my mom prior to making the pilgrimage to alexandra park to meet up with the bike ravers. full disclosure: i threw an actual tantrum when we couldn’t find the park, and then couldn’t find the meet up spot, and made my mom and sister leave. daughter of the year, right here. so despite being in a bratty mood, i wandered around the park for 20 minutes before i saw the first signs of the bike rave starting to gather – a giant wheeled contraption with small speakers attached to it. smiles. i rented a bixi and joined the crowd – alone, mind you, because all my cracker friends bailed (except shibbs, who turned up just in time). suddenly, like some glorious mystical god of techno, zaid edghaim rolled up to the park pulled on a chariot of bass, thronged by speakers and some poor soul on a bike doing all the work. it was fucking epic. sadly, the music lasted for all of 3 blocks before technical issues forced us to ride to the sounds of an iPad for the rest of the trip, but i did get a kick out of the whole experience. plus, i managed to not fall off my bike, crash, or gun down unsuspecting children or the elderly. always a plus.


even though i was unable to make it in time for his set, i heard nothing but good things about little city favourite daoust’s opening set at the global village backpackers patio party. the recording (above) lived up to the hype, with a killer tracklist and effortless transitions from daoust.

lastly, the late and deep after party at the red door on saturday night was one of the events i was most excited for. and while i have infinite love for the deep north fam, i just couldn’t tough out the heat. it was like being in an oven, inside a sauna, on the sun. i’m a dancefloor warrior when it comes to overheating, but after a weekend of partying, i just couldn’t deal. from the 10 minute intervals that i spent inside the venue, the music was out of control. little city regular alicia hush and ana+one brought that get down, performing live as yes ma’am, followed by matt and mark thibideau, mike shannon, and another little city cohort, billy dalessandro.

photos via cgpics and thejaxeffect


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