LC014 / claire


“when lost in dreams, don’t forget the bass,” claire kenway explains of her mix for little city. if you’ve ever heard claire take the decks as resident DJ at laika, you know there’s some curious quality about her style that is just spellbinding – and there’s no way she could ever forget that bass.

spellbinding might just be the perfect word to encompass all of claire’s incredible accomplishments with music. a montreal bot who has lived all over canada, her decades long love affair with music began when she was young – first learning violin and bass guitar before becoming infatuated with electronic music, and she has been kicking ass and taking names ever since. claire’s musical presence goes far beyond your standard DJ/producer combo (although she does have a four years long friday night resideny at laika, a number of international gigs, and releases under label’s like archipel and goodnight moon recordings under her belt). you probably recognize her as the wizard behind the windcatcher, a self-sustainable sound project that turns wind into music (and which just finished a little cross country voyage for a special appearance at bass coast in BC). her whole presence is something of a phenomenon, and i’m constantly in awe of her. you might say she’s a techno magician.


“going through my old records i realize that these are the sounds i have loved forever.. it is only the artists and labels that have changed; the sounds that are true to my heart remain the same.”

she is also the force behind blackbox montreal, a series of underground events that changes venue each time, and has played host to an incredible roster of talent including frivolous, berk offset, magnanime, pheek, zaid edghaim, and little city favourites billy dalessandro, yes ma’am, daoust, esteban de haro (as EAZY) and zeina. blackbox is a very special, very intimate event that sheds new light on the dance music scene – it creates a little community within a community, topped off with the best in unconventional beats. of the events’ uniqueness and meaning, claire – nonchalant as ever – simply shrugs it off: “it’s just wonderful to see the montreal music community coming together to create, to play, dance, and be inspired.” no big deal, right?


her style mixes dreamscapes with dirty bass. thoughtful and provacative, her DJ sets tackle everything from classic techno, to minimal, to organic sounding dreamtech, all of which is echoed in her productions that range from subtle and ethereal, to bubbly in a way you’d imagine that first sip of champagne tastes. techno magician indeed.

“with this mix i wanted to explore deeper more sensual emotional textures… and also to showcase some of the amazing music coming out of the minimal community in montreal.”

claire is finishing off her journey in BC next friday august 23rd at the sunset room in victoria, and at underG the next night where she’ll be breaking hearts with a live set. next up, she’s back in montreal (yay) for friday nights at laika before heading off to something called a techno parade (!!) in paris.

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