music monday / the civil wars


this is the second time i’ve featured nashville duo john paul white and joy williams, better known as the civil wars, in a music monday on little city. when the civil wars announced they were “breaking up,” so to speak, a million hearts around the world could be heard breaking. or maybe just mine, not sure, i think i probably shed a real tear. their chemisty is really something special, and it’s sad that for whatever reason, they decided to stop making music together.

luckily for us, their second full-length, the self-titled the civil wars, was just released at the beginning of august. the future of the civil wars still remains a bit blurry and uncertain, at least for their fans, but i know i’m not alone in hoping that their so-called internal discord has been resolved. but who knows.


in the meantime, here’s my favourite (so far) number from the civil wars, called “i had me a girl.” john paul’s vocals on this track are quite possibly the sexiest thing to ever happen to folk music, and the whole thing has a bluesrock feel that’s reminiscent of the title track off their first album, barton hollow. the rest of the album is equally beautiful but much softer, and i encourage you to check it out.

also, am i the only one who thinks that they’re singing about each other on “the one that got away” ?


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