summer of emma / photo diary


four months ago, i made a promise to myself. i decided to have “the summer of emma.” narcissistic and egotistical though it may be (natch), i’ve lived an entire summer for someone else on a number of occasions. “this summer will be different,” i said, mentally figuring out how much of my savings i could blow without putting myself in debt, “this summer would revolve around dancing, drinking, sunshine, ass kicking, and general merriment.” the stuff of dreams and/or idealistic movie scripts. either way, it all started with the list. you might remember it – i published it in may, and detailing my big plans. festivals were number one on the list, followed by food and alcohol related events (again, natch), projects, and drinking. i’m so happy to say that i crossed off most of the list.

so, here is a recap in photos, of some of the best moments of the summer emma – in all its shining, sparkley, whiskey filled glory. takes notes, kids, this is how it’s done.

also, i know you totally did not ask for this, but i’m a pretty good person so i thought i’d share a wee mix i’ve had on rotation (read: repeat) all summer. apologies in advance to everyone that’s thinking about punching me for playing this mix so many times. to everyone else, do check out the kollektiv’s other mixes thisaway!

new 2 cape rocking the space cloak/cosmic hoodie/galaxy cape at sound in motion in toronto. a truly magical weekend with some very special bots! read my review of SIM here.

new 3 piratemet a pirate at the first tam tams of the season. i drank cognac out of his flask (which, by the way, was made out of a real tusk) (no, it did not taste good)

new 1turned into a dancing crew of keith harings.

zgetting funky with the 64 HZ crew in hochelaga, with tunes by zeina! had a pretty rad dance off with this chick’s beautiful mother and grandmother.

windfinally made it to the rooftop to see, hear and experience claire‘s windcatcher. you can read the feature on that magic right here.

shotsline em up.

upbreathed in paint fumes for a couple hours at this year’s under pressure festival. check out more photos and read my review ova here!

untogethersat in on the filming of the first episode of caolan leander’s webshow, untogether. really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! read the feature on untogether here!

station16passed by the station 16 opening party during muralfest, where i had the chance to meet my sort of twin, emily robertson, the gallery director and the rest of the station 16 crew. what an incredible group of people!! the gallery is a must see for all street art lovers.

sim2a very happy moment – receiving my media pass for sound in motion.

simgetting silly with some crazy kids at sound in motion.

rooffast times on my girl’s rooftop. falling more in love with this city upon each look.

polaroidspolaroid fun! a pretty dope weekend spent at the chalet suisse with my crew and an alligator called christopher.

pirateone of the best moments of the summer, biking around to beats at the pirate radio bike rave in toronto for sound in motion. the looks we got as we plowed down queen street with speakers pumping was absolute perfection. my mom is still picking her jaw up off the floor.

pink ballsif you’re a montrealer, you know the sheer glee that comes from walking under dem pink balls in the village.

pikniclove at first sight – my favourite boys all in one place.

osheagablew quite literally every penny in my bank account getting there, but this year’s osheaga was more special than ever. read about it here!

nojokeone of the best parties of the summer took place in july – sound in motion at piknic electronic! the whole crew took over the dancefloor, and dr nojoke (pictured) threw down one of the best sets piknic has ever seen. dat kazoo though.

mutekthese two killin it as usual – yes ma’am teaching mutek how it’s done. read all about this year’s festival in the piece i wrote for myetvmedia – this way!

mtlthis city.

msmike shannon knocking it the fuck out of town at sound in motion. you guys sick of hearing about SIM yet? too bad!

mile endmoving to the mile end was definitely one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. i’ve never felt better than in this neighbourhood, and caolan and i have not shut the fuck up about it since.

magdalet’s not forget DEMF. easily the craziest weekend i spent all summer (well…so to speak), DEMF was truly an unforgettable experience. there are no words. actually, who am i kidding? there are always words. read em here.

fujii mean, come on. look at that face. it can’t even be real.

flowera little souvenir from a special sketchy sunday spent with my favourite dude on the planet.

esa drunken haze of a day! beyond words at how happy it makes me to spend time with this beautiful person, whom you might recognize as rebel mix‘s esther benoit.

eesilliness with some good people at the chalet suisse.

dixiei went to see the dixie chicks at ottawa blues fest with three of my best friends in the world. i wept the entire time. literally wept. TEARS people. it was a real thing. magic.

demfmore DEMF madness at the beatport stage.

chaletserenity at the chalet suisse. could totally get used to that.

capeMOAR CAPE. post piknic post after part post after after party adventures with my main girl, miss nolan brown.

braceletsproperty of beatport! on my first quest as a new hire for beatport at DEMF. honestly one of the most rewarding experiences of the summer. you can read my full review, which i wrote in tandem with fellow beatporter lauren salm, here.

bplights, camera, action! this was a real thing that happened in my life. i think i had the equivalent of like 12 panic attacks and a stroke or two prior to filming interviews. so worth it.

boilerroomat montreal’s first ever boiler room! a weird night filled with hipsters, tacos, PBR and a killer DJ set from purity ring.

beerpacking for the chalet suisse. seemed legit. needless to say, we murdered the supply of beer (plus two bottles of whiskey) that weekend.

IMG_2014krystale performing at this year’s jazz festival. read our interview this way!

stikkii published my most successful article to date (WHAT UP), a comprehensive list of montreal’s street art superstars. read it here.

262274_10150285400437629_2071282_nmy favourite radio show celebrated its three year anniversary! booty all around! read the feature..


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