LC015 / demas


this summer, montreal connected with berlin. or maybe the connection was always there but in any case, my infatuation with all things german electronic music grew exponentially. to like, stalker status. it’s my pleasure to present the fifteenth (fifteen, holy crap!) edition of the little city speaker sessions, brought to you all the way from germany by demas. although i’d been familiar with his music since he played the hushlamb freerange show last year, the first time i heard thomas baz play was at wiggle room earlier this summer. he shared the decks with resident logan hollow, and together the two captured new levels of minimal weirdness. i was hooked. although i listened to more german min tech than probably anyone else in the world this summer (stalker status), i’ve never heard anything or anyone quite like demas. his sound retains the heart of his german roots, but takes cues from funk and disco, effecting an insatiable groove present in his lives and mixes. it’s a perfect fit here in montreal – and he’s proven that on more than one occasion.

with self-professed idols like akufen, pantytec, cabanne and ark, is it any wonder that demas has grown into such an artist? after making his DJ debut spinning hard techno in 2001, demas founded klangscheiben records, one of the foremost labels based out of thuringia, germany, in 2004. although klangscheiben is still a relatively young label, its releases are sage and intelligent. while other labelbosses are machines, existing solely to pump out record after record, thomas is a curator, and every release under klangscheiben, including his own, has been well considered. around the same time, demas fell into a more minimal sound, one he hasn’t stopped working on ever since, both in terms of production and good old fashioned mixing. with releases under his own klangscheiben, micromod music, lora, doppelganger, park recordings, and aufseit (to name a few), demas is making his mark. and the mark is on fucking fire. his upcoming EP, paris fields (under micromod) is set for release very soon. can’t wait.


demas’ mix is an infectious blend of smooth minimal and conceptual techno, bringing together the sounds and styles of artists from every corner of the globe. our very own pheek makes an appearance in the mix, alongside releases from tom ellis, mono box, akufen, the suffragettes, and antislash. i guarantee it’s more than enough to have you dancing, or doing an obligatory couch dance at the very least.

“i decided to make a mix for little city that matches my memories about my trips to canada, and my thoughts about my own “little city,” steinach, in the woods of germany”

thomas is also a part of the extended studiofeed fam, and is helping to bring the magic of the subpac (coolest bit of technology you will ever sit your fine self against, seriously) to germany as manager of their german division. exciting things are clearly in the works for demas, and, of course, he’s got the go-getter attitude to pull it off. aside from that, if you happen to be lucky enough to live in germany (and let me just say, fuck you), you can catch him at schloss wespenstein on december 21st, and live in leipzig at elipamanoke in january.. for now, you have this glorious mix to tide you over.


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