music monday / nils frahm


it’s been a hot minute since my last music monday post. but that’s mostly because i’ve literally been listening to the same 3 tracks for about a month. one of them is robyn’s dancing on my own because it’s become my depressing life mantra. the other is elysee’s something special – 16 minutes of the most moving, poignant and beautiful production i have ever heard. and i say that with complete sincerity. the third is a dominik eulberg mix (obviously); a continuation of my current infatuation with all things german electronic music. the mix in question (here) opens with this incredible lo-fi piano composition by another amazing german artist, nils frahm.

the track that eulberg uses is called “me.” it’s slow – incredibly slow when you consider that eulberg uses it to set the tone for his entire mix. but if you’re familiar with eulberg’s music, you know how astute a selection “me” is. it works perfectly in the mix, but of course, it stands alone just as well. nils frahm is one of those artists that i always kind of forget about until i happen upon his music. i rarely search him out as an artist, and i’m not really sure why. not that his music is forgettable in any way…it kind of appears when it’s needed most. that’s pretty special if you ask me.

nils frahm is a composer and producer based out of berlin. he’s been releasing music since 2005, under labels like erased tapes and ateliermusik. plus, he’s also the founder of durton studio (a collective of like-minded artists)…in short, he’s one of the foremost contemporary composers out of germany, and his has an amaaaaaaazing catalogue of work that you should go check out right meow! happy monday!


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