LC017 christmas edition / moody jones

you might call it christmas spirit. or you might call it “so fucking over it.” whatever you decide to call it, those yuletide feelings are in abundance this time of year, and at littlecity we’re no stranger to both sides of the scale. with all the good things that go along with the holiday season (snow, eggnog, alcohol, a tempered amount of family time, days off from work, that fireplace tv show, and peppermint lattes), there is of course, the inevitable bad things (getting snowed in, losing power [which we’re victims of right now], fighting with your family, -40 degree weather, when those little salt bits get in your boots, boxing day crowds). and, horror of horrors, the worst thing of all: repetitive christmas music. aside from mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas,” christmas music is, in general, the worst. so we thought we’d spread a little joy and deliver a mix of christmas-flavoured booty house to get you through this holiday season. the seventeenth edition of littlecity speaker sessions is brought to you by none other than moody jones.

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

there’s not much we like more this time of year than peppermint lattes except for moody jones’ take on deep house and breaks. i’m a techno girl at heart, but i can’t help but get roped in by moody’s lighthearted approach and insatiable enthusiasm. he’s been on my speaker sessions radar for a while now, and when we finally talked about him putting together a christmas mix for littlecity, i was so so stoked.


moody is a montreal native – you might recognize his name from my recent “10 montreal music crews you should know” story; moody is the founder of everybody knows, a promotions-communications projects meets culture blog based around electronic music. EK not only handles media for festivals like DEMF, BPM and igloofest, they also produce editorial content that lets you know what’s up and what’s what around the city. it’s insanely impressive considering moody started the whole thing from the ground up just four short years ago. he plays it cool though – there’s not much the guy can’t laugh off or let roll off his shoulders.

moody got his start in electronic music cutting his teeth as a party promoter and event coordinator in montreal in 2007, but his love of music was fostered at an early age. he jokes that his first mixed tape was a collection of disney tunes, including his personal favourite, prince ali (let’s face it, that’s everyone’s favourite). when he started DJing a couple years ago, he brought his knowledge of the montreal underground with him, infusing his deep-tech-house sets with danceable energy, fun sampling and a distinctly hip-hop sensibility that makes him stand out from the crowd. he’s played at the likes of piknic electronic, stereo, le salon daome, and redroom. fresh from gigs with cyril hahn, and more recently fellow montrealer jay london, moody put together a mix that takes after his standard sound. pulling in hip-hop, ghetto house and booty beats that mesh with samples from christmas carols, moody’s mix is sure to leave visions of sugarplums twerking in your head. fitting. so what are you waiting for? pour yourself some eggnog, get off the couch and shake it to moody’s christmas mix. why? because it’s what jesus would freakin’ do.

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