ringing in the new year


with 2013 drawing to a close, i can’t help but think about what an absolutely batshit insane year it’s been for me, both personally and with littlecity. not that i’m complaining. in fact, 2013 has been, easily, one of the best years i can remember. i’ve met some psycho people, listened to some great tunes, been to more concerts than i can count, sang, jumped, walked, danced, bootyshaked, boogied, smoked, drank, eaten and been merry.

easily my most played mix this year

littlecity grew like crazy in 2013. although we’re by no means in the big leagues where traffic is concerned, we reached 40 000 views on wordpress, 300 followers on wordpress, 500 something likes on facebook, 400 followers on twitter and so many other amazing milestones. little city is turning two in 2014, and you can only expect things to get bigger and better. thank you so much for your continued support, loyalty, love, and general awesomeness. you guys rocked this just as much as i did. ps: like us on facebook if you haven’t already!


the year started off with a bang. multiple bangs. i left for mexico on january 6th, and jetted off to the BPM festival with two of my best girls. they say the cure to everything is salt water; sweat, tears and the ocean. i’m not ashamed to say i experienced all three. for me, travelling (and also music festivals) is always a changer, and that week in mexico was the biggest changer of them all.


the #WHYMUSIC project took off this year as well. what started as a small idea around the end of 2012, quickly turned into a bit of a phenomenon, at least for me. in fact, i made new friends and got closer with acquaintances, all thanks to the project. it’s been such an eye-opening experience, seeing the art that people choose to submit as their response. it’s also been interesting to see how people connect with “responses” outside the project – i can’t tell you how many times people have tagged me in photos, images, or posts on facebook, to show me something that speaks to the project’s goal. i love you all so much for your participation, and hopefully the 7th volume will be live very soon.

one of my favourite musical discoveries of 2013, and what i listen to on my days off

what DJs listen to on their days off was a project wherein i asked DJs, producers, music makers, promoters, and people involved at the core of the electronic music scene, to send me short responses outlining what non-electronic sounds they listen to. the response was overwhelming. i had almost 50 different people chime in with youtube videos and soundcloud links. very special.


music festivals. holy moly. i went on a festival treck this summer, bound by my “summer of emma” plans to stop at as many as i could. i made it to 8 music festivals this summer, and all of them were more epic than i could have imagined. so much so that people legit stopped talking to me because i am so annoying about it, and my work no longer accepts “it’s a musical emergency” as an excuse for leaving early or taking a friday off. i drained my bank account but it was totally worth it. highlights include: DEMF, sound in motion, the MTL jazz fest, mutek, and osheaga.


i published a piece called 10 montreal street artists you should know. i thought the piece would get shared around a bit but i had no idea that the article would go as “viral” as it did. montreal loves street art, that much is clear. with almost 3000 views on that article alone in only 3 days, the post was littlecity’s most successful one to date. galleries, artists, fans, magazines, and art collectives all shared the story but perhaps the most amazing moment was having strangers talk about “this really cool piece on a local blog you should check out if you like street art…it’s called ’10 montreal street artists you should know’ or something” “wat. i wrote that!”

i had a super fascinating chat with rajiv surendra about his wonderful ink and chalk work. read it here!

we did some fucking phenomenal interviews this year. i’ve had the best time talking with some of the coolest creative minds in the world. i’ve learned a lot and i hope you have too. some of my favourites from this year include: rajiv surendra, emily skahan, jason botkin, and krystale.

the littlecity speaker sessions (our on-occasion podcast series) celebrated SEVENTEEN episodes. fifteen. holy moly. it’s been so incredible being able to collaborate with such talented technobots to bring you big tunes and musical weirdness. my personal faves are from zeina, esther benoit, and nolan brown. check out the full catalogue here and follow me on soundcloud to stay up to date with our latest!

favourite chill out/work music set of 2013

favourite album of the year? toss up between james blake’s overgrown and the civil wars’ self titled sophomore.

favourite music moment of the year? DEMF, easily. seeing les miserables on stage (for the 3rd time) is a close second, followed by the dixie chicks at ottawa bluesfest, and the james blake concert.

craziest thing i did in 2013? tough call. ziplined into a cenote in mexico, jumped off a bridge in nothern quebec, and blew literally all of my money on a ticket to a music festival.

best new restaurant discovery? bethlehem xxx. go. do it. it’s amazing.

best new band/DJ discovery? toss up between minimal lounge, solar year, and rudimental.

favourite interview of the year? erykah badu or james blake. i nearly had a stroke doing both.

site i wasted the most time on? imgur. so shameful and yet so, so wonderful. get over it.

most listened to song of 2013</>

this has been a mega year! i could write about every little thing that happened, but what it really boils down to is something i’ve been calling “being brave” moments. i can feel you cringing at how cheese that is but, when i think about it, the amount of times i’ve told myself to just man up, be brave, and do the damn thing….this year would not have been the same without that bit of advice. the best things that have happened to me, happened because i made them. so, my advice to you lovely people that have supported me in any way this year…be fucking brave.

a big thanks to everyone who has made this year so special. expect much, much more in 2014. happy new year everyone :)


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