music monday / fka twigs

i don’t know about you guys, but i have a love hate relationship with winter. i’ve admittedly been a pretty big whiner about the cold the past couple weeks (really though, negative 40 degrees is just not natural) but i do love snow. and for me, certain types of music pair perfectly with a little snowfall, especially when you’re curled up inside with a latte and your computer (like i am right now). FKA twigs is an emerging artist of jamaican and spanish descent, and her chilling, floaty vocals are a fitting complement to a cold, grey afternoon.


FKA (which stands for “formerly known as”) twigs debuted in 2012, but i’ve only come across her music quite recently. her look leans a bit on the try hard side (like grimes, you know?) and she reminds me a bit of a gollywog in the video above but it suits her haunting sound. she’s like some sort of mythical nymph creature, and her music reflects exactly that. her first EP had a more lighthearted sound, but her second release, EP2, which dropped under young turks (home to the xx) in 2013, takes on a darker tone. we loved “ache” off of EP, but we’re even more hooked on EP2‘s “water me.” produced by arca (another littlecity favourite), with a video directed and produced by jesse kanda, twigs is definitely in good company.

so, sit back, sip your coffee, and melt into this watery number.


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