happy birthday littlecity

it’s 11 pm on january 14th 2014. in one hour, littlecity, the online platform for my personal, professional and altogether entirely obnoxious adventures, will turn two. sometime in 2011, i decided i wanted to start a blog. it was a simpler time. i had been an avid “blog reader” for some time – following those really irritating skinny girls with bad taste in music and great taste in clothes, who had a seemingly infinite breadth of knowledge about what and what was not ‘cool.’ “i could do that.” like i said, it was a simpler time.

the thing about blogging is that it’s turned into something i never expected it to be. it’s more than posting photos or tunes or sarcastic commentary, like i had initially planned. it’s conceptualizing my voice and it’s a manifestation of my life and the things (and people) that inspire me, and that i think should (and hope will) inspire you. it’s tested my stress levels and my capacity for patience every single day. there are days when i’m sure that i can’t…days when i want nothing more than to shut the whole thing down and forget i ever thought that “i could do that.” but somehow, this ridiculous blog that tries my patience and drives me crazy, has become so important to me that even when i hate it, i love it so much.

littlecity has changed a lot over the course of the past two years, and i’m proud of every step i’ve taken to get this far. i wouldn’t have made it without the support and help of some truly psycho people in my life. but, in what i consider to be consistently nuts, there’s a lot of really amazing things that wouldn’t have happened in my life without this blog. if there’s any small piece of advice i can give to anyone who is toying with the idea of taking that next step: be brave. take the risk. leap, and do it with your whole heart. because it could result in something that changes your life, and you’ll never know until you try.

i guess what i’m trying to say is, thank you so much for supporting and reading the past two years. and here’s to many more.


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