LC018 / jackie spade


this particular mix has been a long time coming. a certain fembot and i have been in talks about a mix since the inception of littlecity speaker sessions some time ago, so i’m thrilled to announce that we’ve finally gotten our shit together enough to deliver this banger, just in time to celebrate LC’s 2 year anniversary. consider this preface a fair warning that when you press play on jackie spade‘s mix for littlecity, you won’t be able to turn it off. infamous for a sound that will inevitably make your booty shake, jackie’s mix will infect you with the insatiable move’n’groove that she emanates with the turn of every dial and the push of every button.

born and raised in montreal, jackie spade (real name danielle bundy) is a toronto expat who finds inspiration in the infiniteness of space, sky, celestial bodies, water, and, of course, the vibrance and excitement of the cities she’s lived in. although she’s been living in toronto for the past two years, there’s no question that spadey holds a place in our hearts – evidenced by the tumultuous turn-outs for her homecoming sets at venues like laika (where she threw it the fuck down for my birthday celebrations). the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. or, i suppose in this case, in the mind-melting goodness of her tunes.

after debuting as jackie spade at a lost tribe loft party sometime in 2008, jackie has been slowly but surely building her sound and personality as an artist. as for her life in toronto, jackie holds it down as part of the deep north crew’s northern alliance, a family of predominant DJs and producers based out of toronto, spearheaded by former littlecity cohort dick diamonds (the one and only). the deep north crew throws some of toronto’s best parties, and if you’re living in the 416, it’s more than likely that you’ve shaken a foot at deep north jam on at least one occasion. whether behind the red door or under ground at zone, the deep north (who have recently announced their debut as a record label) is bringing that fire in the toronto electronic circuit. jackie is likewise a member of the studiofeed fam, and one of the many that had a hand in fuelling this past summer’s sound in motion festival.


you might recognize jackie’s name from a previous collaborative feature i put together with her not long ago, about her latest effort, tides. a stunning four part compilation that draws from techno, ambient, minimal, downtempo and beyond, tides explored jackie’s range as a DJ and her effortless means of adding colour to your standard set. i hate the word mixologist, but jackie might have us re-thinking the use of the term. i’ve known her for many years now, and it’s been a true pleasure hearing her sound evolve and grow; the place she’s in right now, musically, is extremely impressive, and i’m so excited to see where she takes things.

for now, her min tech set for littlecity paints a pretty clear picture of the spade mantra. like i said, booty shakin’ movin’groovin, foot tapping, head bobbing, can’t stay in your seat, need to boogie beats. trust me. it’s the kind of music that evokes cross-the-room stares from coworkers or innocent bystanders as you shimmy in your chair with headphones on. but it’s no surprise, coming from jackie. we fondly remember the good old days when jackie was a montreal up-and-comer, playing for music hungry crowds at the likes of piknic electronic, and circus afterhours with the now-defunct move the masses label. us montrealers will have to make do with this beauty of a mix until jackie’s arrival at le marche cote in early february. but if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in toronto, you can catch jackie at bassline music bar on january 25th, alongside dick diamonds, tro, and mikita skyy’s demuir.


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