music monday / elysée

i’d been holding on to this particular track for a while. sometimes this mysterious, selfish part of me decides that certain truly beautiful pieces of music should be kept for myself. sometimes i think maybe if i share it around too much, the goodness of it will evaporate – stolen by the ears and hearts and souls of others. it’s ridiculous, of course. that’s not how music works. in fact…i’ll tell you a little secret about music. it’s meant to be shared. like cookies. or…you know…chlamydia, but not in a gross way.


i first found this track by french producer, elysée, in the fall of 2013. i thought “something special” was a mini mix he had put together – i got caught in the spell of the piano around the 8.5 minute mark and i knew i had to have whatever it was that was making me feel whatever i was feeling in my heart. i poked around, trying to find it, before my friend daoust pointed out that “something special” was one long 16-minute production. i listened over again and the experience was different, this whole journey unfolded and unpacked itself. i can’t help but smile when i listen to this track. not grin, not smirk, not that half-laugh-half-smile i often pull when i’m on the dancefloor…just a smile.

i can tell you’re cringing at the insanity of the feelings in this post but for me, this track does something completely indescribable. it’s become my go-to when i need inspiration or cheering up or calming down. a few people that i’ve shown it to have been underwhelmed by the minimalism or slowness of it, but i really encourage you to just give it a chance. it’s really what magic sounds like. really something special. hope you enjoy <3


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