music monday / wet

wet (1)

i discovered wet the other day when branchez, the creator of every guilty pleasure track i’ve ever loved, posted a remix of their song “don’t wanna be your girl.” both are admittedly more than slightly pop tinged (to the point that i initially wondered if it was taylor swift on vox), but i can’t help but be lulled into some weird dreamy, driving down a country road at sunset kind of haze by the song’s lovely production.

wet are an up and coming trio from brooklyn, part of this new dimension of indie-pop-electronic that pairs overt, honest vocals with perfectly attuned production. subtle, but saying a lot. the above track premiered on the fader in the fall of last year, and their debut self-titled EP under neon gold followed in october.

i wish i had discovered them sooner, their music is very on point for a grey sunday morning in winter like today (and the many others we’ve had this season). you can also check out the branchez remix of “don’t wanna be your girl” below <3 happy monday!


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