music monday / kelela


if you’re wondering what sex sounds like, it’s this track from kelela.

having been pegged by pitchfork’s rising feature last year, kelela mizanekristos has been on everyone’s radar as one to watch. her 2012 debut effort was a collab with teengirl fantasy, “EFX,” followed up by “bank head” with LA producer kingdom – a solid start, to say the least.

since, she’s worked with everyone from gifted & blessed, to morri$, to nguzunguzu, and bok bok, and her dark, sultry R&B-flavoured number “the high” has racked up over 200 000 plays on soundcloud since it dropped last month. no surprise there – it’s a stunning, heavy release. the washington bred, los angeles based singer/songwriter is a new addition to the fade to mind fam, who just released her cut 4 me mixtape at the end of 2013.


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