music monday / sango


i am a sucker for a good rework of a cheesy 00s classic (as evidenced by the fact that i am still listening to cyril hahn’s say my name remix. it’s been almost 2 years, guys) – so, of course, sango’s “bb don’t cry” has been on heavy rotation of late. anything that pairs justin timberlake samples with aaliyah vocals is okay by me.

sango is a seattle born, grand rapids based producer signed to soulection (a favourite for that post-dub, cut-up, R&B inspired sound). he’s a wizard when it comes to mashing up cheesy soul, hip hop and soft R&B tunes, and layering them with breaky trap-y dubby beats. case in point: “bb don’t cry” takes the best parts of JT’s “cry me a river” and loops them up with input from aaliyah’s “one in a million.” not convinced? his “icebox 2.0” pairs omarion’s “icebox” with craig david’s “fill me in.” both are guilty pleasures of mine. well, omarion is a guilty pleasure – i have no shame at loving craig david.

if you like what you hear, check out his latest, da rochina 2 (the follow up to part one which dropped in 2012), released in january of this year. inspired by brazilian culture, and named after brazil’s largest favela, the album incorporates baile samples, chillwave, hip hop, and a carnivale sensibility.


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