music monday / vancouver sleep clinic


after what has been a pretty insane easter weekend, i thought about not posting today. it’s monday. it’s the day of…you know…jesus and whatever, so i figured i could give myself a break. but, seeing as i skipped out on music monday last week, here’s a little easter egg for you guys, in the form of this track from vancouver sleep clinic.

you are probably thinking that VSC is a band from british columbia, canada, as would make sense, but actually the moniker is that of tim bettison, a producer from brisbane, australia. he says the name is meant to conjure up images of cold, desolate winters and isolation. pretty depressing that that’s what people think of canada – but i suppose basing it off this year’s “longest fucking winter of my entire existence,” it’s not so far off.

VSC is that kind of dream-pop, lo-fi ambience that calls to mind bands like solar year or wet, paired with bettison’s pretty, ethereal vocals. the above “flaws” is so dreamy, it could almost lull you sleep (ha) but the infusion of a lightweight kick and hollow beats keep the energy hypnotic.

happy easter, ninjas!


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