music monday / tinashe


i read a feature about singer/songwriter tinashe kachingwe in dazed the other week. she’s a self made girl — started from the bottom, or whatever that horrendous expression is that drake did not make up but that people attribute to him — and the article talks a lot about her roots, and her rise to fame. when she made that hard as nails video for “boss” from her debut mixtape in case we die, she, her father and her manager filmed and edited and produced the entire thing. a lot has changed for tinashe in a short while: she’s really blown up, but it seems she’s taking it all in stride. that’s what it means to start from the bottom.

tinashe is a 21 year old singer, songwriter, and actress based out of los angeles. she got her start as part of the five piece girl group the stunners for a couple years before embarking on her solo project that’s seen her work with the likes of jacques greene, ryan hemsworth, and jacQuel knight. with the stunners, her work was cookie cutter, bubblegum pop monster machine. her sound now? completely her own. falsetto vocals with an unnerving strength, R&B elements that nod to janet jackson, aaliyah or ciara, and a badassness that gives her music a growl. plus this track above has sean paul cut in it, so you know…


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