music monday / spooky black

it’s been a hot minute since i last posted. and so far, my list of excuses includes: it’s the last 2 weeks of summer, i’m super busy and important, and also, i’m moving to berlin (surprise!) so that has understandably taken away some (read: all) of my attention. more details on that to come later this week. as a result of the move, i’ve sadly had to start saying no to project proposals and interview pitches so my non-posting excuses are actually pretty valid.

the solution? one last little music monday post before i leave, to introduce you all to an anomaly of a minnesotan singer whose name is spooky black. spook is part of this new wave of yung hip hop and R&B artists. hailing from a small town in minnesota, whatever you’re picturing spook looking like is probably the exact opposite of how he actually looks — he favours turtlenecks, gold chains and du-rags but he looks like a 12 year old meth dealer and his whole image basically comes off as kind of a joke (illustrated in the below video for another amazing track of his, “without u” produced by greaf). if his style seems at all questionable, his voice entirely makes up for it.

hovering somewhere between an internet version of james blakes progressive R&B, and something like the weeknd’s emotive purls, spook’s music is well beyond his age (and look). breaking hearts and taking names. not to mention his lyrics are torturous; spawning such a following on the internet that comments like “shit got me missing my gf from 2nd grade” are common underneath his videos. luckily for us, his debut EP, leaving, with production from the likes of doc and the standard, curtis heron, smitty tha bg, and kid hnrk, just dropped a couple weeks back.


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