aurevoir montreal


a little over seven years ago, i sat in the backseat of my parents’ car, listening to “wide open spaces” by the dixie chicks on repeat, and crying as they drove me from my native toronto to montreal for university. i had spent the previous night having what i would later describe as enlightened moments with my best friends and my high school boyfriend — we had watched the sunrise from the top of the playground at my elementary school. the whole memory has a kind of a rose coloured glow. at the time, i didn’t think it was possible for anything to ever mean more to me than those moments with those friends. when i finally arrived in montreal, i cried for two days straight.

my first couple years here were spent at concordia, and i took on a life that involved frosh week, thirsty thursdays, beerfest, and st patrick’s day, the epitome of a university student. i loved every minute of it. but it wasn’t until i became immersed in the local music scene that i started to really understand montreal, and it wasn’t long before i felt like montreal understood me. i started going out to shows and concerts and having what i would later describe as enlightened moments on the dancefloor.

i started littlecity in january of 2012. when it first launched, i had no idea what i was doing. i put it off for months, waiting for the right time. turns out, there’s no such thing as the right time, the perfect time. i can’t say that i have any further idea what i’m doing now, but what i do know is that running this site has changed me in ways i’m not even quite sure how to describe. i will often say that i owe the best things in my life to “being brave moments” — starting littlecity, applying at beatport or pulse radio, covering music festivals by myself, cutting my hair off, starting new jobs, making new friends, going on life changing adventures, jumping off cliffs, and finally, in what i can honestly say is the biggest leap, moving to berlin.

you might remember that about a year ago, i started talking (read: complaining) that i wanted to move overseas. i wanted it more than anything, but i was, again, waiting for the perfect moment. my excuses were tenfold: i didn’t have enough money, i didn’t have enough opportunity, it wasn’t the right time to leave my job, i couldn’t leave my friends just yet, what about my apartment? the right time kept slipping further and further away until one day earlier this summer i decided to forget the right time and focus on the right now. 

i fought my way into an editorial internship at an online magazine that i read religiously, called the talks. i leave for berlin on monday september 1st. it’s daunting, and yeah, i’m scared. yes, i’m devastated to be leaving montreal. some of the best times of my life have been spent in montreal; it’s hard to imagine saying goodbye. i’m leaving this city an entirely different person than i arrived, and that is something i am so grateful for. montreal was my first love, the city that took me out of my shell and taught me how to love music. i’m the me that i am because of my experiences in this city.

for those reasons, i’ve decided to take littlecity with me to berlin for my next adventure, and i truly hope you’ll join me for the ride. this site would be nothing without your support, and i’m eternally thankful for everyone who takes time to read and share the love.

if there is anything you take away from this last post and from the past two years of littlecity, i hope that it is to “be brave.”  do absolutely everything, jump off the deep end, risk it all. whatever it is you do, do it with your whole heart. be brave. 

au revoir montreal, until we meet again.


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