music monday / christian löffler

it’s been a couple weeks since i left montreal for berlin. needless to say i’ve been entirely neglecting littlecity for the big city these past few weeks. i thought for my first music monday over here, i would introduce you all to a lesser-known german producer, DJ, and man after my own heart, christian löffler.

löffler is a recent discovery, found lurking in the shallow waters of soundcloud while i was browsing’s archives on a hunt for german sounds. it’s been the theme of late; i plan on completely immersing myself in local music, which is a seemingly endless project that i have absolutely no problem with completing. it’s been an adventure so far (and you’ll find out all about it in due time!)


for now, meet christian löffler. a young visual artist and part-time producer, löffler is a native to an isolated area in the rural parts of germany, and his music is so much a reflection of that. he started making music at 14, moved by the more melancholic aspects of deep tech and ambient, both of which creep into his productions, which also delve into emotive instrumentals and dreamy lo-fi. his latest, young alaska, dropped digitally and on 12″ under ki records not too long ago, and features gems like the above, “veiled grey,” “beirut,” and “all comes,” a collaborative effort with singer gry.

the follow up to 2012’s a forest, löffler calls this year’s young alaska the musical representation of melancholy — a perfect match to berlin’s weather forecast for the next 987 days: grey.


++ photo via RA


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