LC021 / fake_electronics


when i ask montrealer jesse morrisson if he’s a dreamer or a realist, there’s a long pause before he answers, “both. i tend to keep things grounded but i’m definitely a dreamer, too.” the same can, i think, be said for his music. the first time i heard jesse play live as fake_electronics, it was a journey. in the basement of the mac in montreal during the 2014 mutek under low lights, jesse delivered a hand-crafted set built entirely around the randomness of the modular synths he works with. such a tactile approach lends his music an honest edge; there’s something genuine in his sound. that’s not to say that it’s straightforward, though — jesse’s right when he calls himself a dreamer, too.

although he plays and produces funked out minimal and techno most regularly as ana+one (pronounced anatone), fake_electronics is more cerebral. i wouldn’t call fake an alter ego; rather, ana+one and fake alike are just different facets of jesse’s musical personality. where ana+one lets loose, fake seems to take things more seriously. don’t be fooled, though; it isn’t all chin-scratching contemplation where fake_electronics is concerned. case in point: his mix for littlecity, which features both his own work and tracks that have influenced his sound. starting off with a precisely constructed dreamscape, the mix floats from point to point before settling into a brief lull, the sun behind the clouds. the pause breaks down into a more experimental narrative and slew of instrumental interruptions. the mix closes with morton subotnick’s “silver apples of the moon,” the track that sparked jesse’s love of synthwork.

maybe love isn’t quite the right word. obsession? infatuation? it’s not hard to understand his interest, though. incited by a love of all things analog, jesse’s productions benefit from hours of tinkering with modular synths. eternally curious, his music is often dramatized by a search for answers and an instinct to question absolutely everything.

fake bw

born and raised in hamilton, ontario, jesse’s involvement in electronic music sparked with an old plastikman album before moving to the dancefloor and eventually to the decks in the early 2000s. his move to montreal has been a fruitful one; one of the driving forces behind the hushlamb collective run by sarah lamb and alicia hush, his partner as yes ma’am. as a crew, hushlamb’s ethos is “music that moves you,” but fake_electronics is something of an anomaly — it’s music to move you, yes, but it’s also music to make you think, to encourage you to be as curious as jesse is himself.


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