three years of littlecity

tumblr_netz7lKuZh1u21eo4o1_500it was early 2011 when i first shyly toyed with the idea of starting a “blog.” it was around the time that the word “blog” didn’t have exactly the same connotation as it does today. blogs were “the cool thing,” and no one rolled their eyes at you when you proudly declared that you were writing one. in 2015, though, the word “blog” itself is enough to make me cringe. following our continuing obsession with portmanteauing everything — mockumentary, liger, brangelina, affluenza — the “blog” is in itself one of those sad words you can’t help but be embarrassed to say out loud. but in the beginning, the timidity wasn’t for the word but for the thing itself.

it was years, literally years, before i was able to talk about this thing called littlecity without the obligatory nervous laugh or sheepish grin. it’s funny how hard it can be to talk about these things that we’re passionate about, the projects that we pour our hearts into, the goals we stop at nothing to achieve. i have brushed off littlecity like it wasn’t one of the most important parts of my life. i have smiled and blushed and rolled my eyes when others have talked about littlecity in praise. it was easy for me to talk about anything else, other than this thing that, some days, i wake up for in the morning.

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happy birthday littlecity

it’s 11 pm on january 14th 2014. in one hour, littlecity, the online platform for my personal, professional and altogether entirely obnoxious adventures, will turn two. sometime in 2011, i decided i wanted to start a blog. it was a simpler time. i had been an avid “blog reader” for some time – following those really irritating skinny girls with bad taste in music and great taste in clothes, who had a seemingly infinite breadth of knowledge about what and what was not ‘cool.’ “i could do that.” like i said, it was a simpler time.

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